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I am the author of Femme and The Substitute.


I began writing songs and poetry in my youth, but after graduating with a degree in psychology, I developed an interest in writing tales which explored the dark side of the human psyche. My style is expressed through complex characters and descriptions that have been described as poetic.When I am not writing, I spend most of my time reading dystopian novels, watching sci-fi horror movies, painting, going for long walks, and cooking.

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When Tatiana finally decides to accept the inevitability that she will be forever alone, a blast from the past moves in next door. She is shocked to find out that she recognises Lawrence, who was bullied mercilessly in high school for being ‘feminine’. Mortified that she did nothing to help back then, she feels she must make amends. As they get to know each other, they realise that fate has brought them together for a reason.

Tasha is cynical and disillusioned with life until a new substitute teacher, Seth, joins her department. He is devilishly good-looking and exudes mystery. She has to get to know him. Although heartache and loss mar both their pasts, it doesn't stop the chemistry growing between them. She finds out that Seth harbours a dark secret, but this only entices her further into his world...

Secret Love - Chapter One & Two

Secret Love - Chapter Four: Christmas Confessions

Secret Love - Valentine's Day: The Untold Chapter

The Substitute - Chapter One

Femme - Chapter One


F. Burn's Recommendations


The Dragon Lord's Mate

Eileen Troemel

Dragon Lord's Mate is not for the faint-hearted; however, if you loved Game of Thrones you'll love this. Yes, it's extremely brutal in terms of violence, but the world once was a very violent place. Keep that in mind while reading this. Some may also think that this is anti-feminist, but remember that rape was common practise and still is in some parts of the world. The author is not afraid to tackle this.


Main character, Pena, is a powerful woman. Her character develops as the book progresses. At first her husband is very domineering, but throughout the story, Pena becomes just as powerful. Their union is not unlike Drogo and Khaleesi, but Pena has totally different abilities without dragons to back her up.


Another main character, Indirez is deliciously evil and revels in the violence committed against herself and others. I could definitely imagine reading another story all about her. I would love to know how she developed those powers and all the havoc she caused as a child.


Read this with an open mind and a stout heart and you will enjoy losing yourself in this rollercoaster ride of a tale.

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