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I am the author of Secret Love, The Substitute which is featured in the Dark Desire Anthology, and Femme 


I began writing songs and poetry in my youth, but after graduating with a degree in psychology, I developed an interest in writing tales which explored the dark side of the human psyche. My style is expressed through complex characters and descriptions that have been described as poetic.When I am not writing, I spend most of my time reading dystopian novels, watching sci-fi horror movies, painting, going for long walks, and cooking.

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My first novel is titled Secret Love. It is an erotic story about a learning support assistant who engages in an affair with one of her students. Student-teacher affair stories usually focus on the teacher, rather than the assistant and I believe that this is what makes this story unique.


The novel is aimed at those who enjoy erotic fiction with some risqué, steamy encounters and an absorbing storyline, which builds up throughout the book. It is told from the point of view of the protagonist, who describes her internal struggle throughout the affair.

I knew I had a hold over him, but in many ways he had a hold over me. He was a complicated person and I wanted to throw myself into his complex universe full of twists and turns. I could spend a lifetime exploring him, forever entangled in the thorns. He harboured a darkness that responded to mine. I didn’t want to be free.

Francesca Gabel, a learning support assistant, accepts a post at a prestigious boy’s catholic school. She manages to form a bond with a challenging student named Richard Cunningham, but the lines begin to blur as they become closer. She experiences an internal struggle as she struggles to control her feelings. The passion they develop for one another consumes them and they enter a world of forbidden love and desire. Is it true love or a simple case of lust? Francesca must make a decision: give in to Richard and face the consequences or let him go.

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Dark Desire showcases twelve stories where the authors delve into the dark crevasses of their imaginations, probing into dark themes, creating strange new worlds and inventing larger than life characters. These stories explore relationships, unafraid of taking the genre of romance to a darker deeper level. Buckle up as you journey into the unknown and discover the shadowy forces that hauntingly dwell within the provocative pages of Dark Desire.

featuring The Substitute

Tasha is cynical and disillusioned with life until a new substitute teacher, Seth, joins her department. He is devilishly good-looking and exudes mystery. She has to get to know him. Although heartache and loss mar both their pasts, it doesn't stop the chemistry growing between them. She finds out that Seth harbours a dark secret, but this only entices her further into his world...

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When Tatiana finally decides to accept the inevitability that she will be forever alone, a blast from the past moves in next door. She is shocked to find out that she recognises Lawrence, who was bullied mercilessly in high school for being ‘feminine’. Mortified that she did nothing to help back then, she feels she must make amends. As they get to know each other, they realise that fate has brought them together for a reason.

Secret Love - Chapter One & Two

The Substitute - Chapter One

Secret Love - Valentine's Day: The Untold Chapter

F. Burn's Recommendations


Seven Forbid

Virginia Wallace

A collection of four short stories, very much like Tales of the Unexpected, which have sinister undertones and endings with a twist.

All the stories show that evil can come in many different forms and each one teaches us a valuable lesson: some people are willing to literally sell their souls for money, fame or power.


Whether it is a ruthless actress, a greedy gold-digger, a violent husband or the devil himself… evil intentions and actions have consequences. Read if you dare…

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